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Our Company

Our Company

„Who we are.“

More than just a run-of-the-mill trainer agency. We are connected with cooperation partners in the leading economies of the world. We are constantly expanding our pool of experts in order to always provide you with the right partner.


2004 – Formation

Ute Roehl establishes the trainer agency. She was previously a trainer herself, initially for 8 years with an automobile company while doing management training and then another 14 years as a freelance trainer. Her goal is to develop personnel development programs, to bring companies and trainers together and to recommend the right trainer for the respective company and its specific needs.

2007 – Internationalization

The trainer agency goes international as more and more customers want a “roll-out” to their plants or branches abroad after a successful program or project implementation in Germany. Ute Roehl networks with cooperation partners in the leading economies in the world.

2010 – Office in Hanover

The trainer agency continues to grow, the office in Lehrte becomes too small and the trainer agency moves to an office in Hanover.

2012 – Portfolio Expansion

The portfolio of management training classes is expanded to include the field of sales due to increasing client inquiries. In-house measures such as solution-selling, sales training, sales coaching and sales consulting are added.

2013 – Next Generation

Nadja Roehl joins the company. She is a trained event manager and worked for four years at a large concert and event agency while specializing particularly in the field of artist placement and event organization. At the trainer agency, she is initially responsible for training management. In the meantime, she eventually joins Ute Roehl in the management of the trainer agency.

2014 – Transformation Processes

Due to the strong and ever-faster change processes in the world of work, there is an increasing need to support change projects at companies over the long-term. For this purpose, the trainer agency continues to expand its pool of experts to include interim project managers and project coaches who provide continuous support on-site on a company’s premises to support and implement projects.

2015 – Hybride Training

Due to the ongoing digitization, hybrid training is often carried out. The combination of classical seminars with virtual tools and possibilities is increasingly becoming a specific offer.

2017 – Book Publication

Ute Roehl and 11 other members from her pool of experts write about the changes in the world of work and how companies can be supported during this change process by training experts.

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2018 – Educational Cooperation

The trainer agency starts with a new business field: Educational cooperation. This format combines the advantages of in-house training with the benefits of open seminars. Two to five companies form an educational cooperation and send participants to a joint training class.

2020 – Expansion of Digitization

The virtual offerings are expanded to include extensive digital training tools such as apps and live online training classes.


As Managing Directors, we always challenge ourselves to act as if we were a client ourselves.

Advanced training has changed over the years: It has become more international and digital, thus leading to an increase in (client) demands on trainers, coaches and consultants. In the future, this development will continue and pose additional new challenges for trainers.

Accordingly, we make sure that the trainers and coaches in our pool of experts are always up-to-date, both professionally and technically, in order to always provide our clients with the right partner.

As Managing Directors, we are also constantly taking continuing education classes ourselves, attend trade fairs and conventions and participate in international networks in order to have a continuous exchange on trends in advanced education.

This is fundamental so that our clients will have confidence and trust in us when selecting trainers.

Ute Roehl

Managing Director

E-Mail: ute.roehl@roehl-trainer.de
Phone: +49 (0)511 – 92030385

Nadja Roehl-Gocht

Managing Director

E-Mail: nadja.roehl@roehl-trainer.de
Phone: +49 (0)511 – 92030384