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Trainer Agency

Trainer Agency

“We offer you confidence during the selection process for suitable trainers.”

So you are looking for a qualified trainer, consultant or coach for your staff?

Let us know your requirements.

We will select the right trainer personality, testing the respective candidate as to his or her competence and the contents, methods and approaches he or she uses.

You will receive a provider-independent consultation from us as to which trainer suits your particular needs and who will fit well in your company’s culture.

The process will save you time and costs.

You can rely on our 25 years of experience in the training and consulting sector.

  • Leadership and Communication

    Training sessions on leadership, communication, personality development and conflict management.

  • Intercultural Management

    Training sessions on intercultural communication and conflict management, intercultural competence and preparation for foreign deployments.

  • Working Together

    (Indoor/outdoor) team development, supporting restructuring and change processes.

  • Project Management and Moderation

    Methods of project management, project support, moderation of closed conferences and development of mission statements.

  • Multi-Modular Development Programs

    Talent development program and leadership development program.

  • Sales and Customer Management

    Sales personality, customer-orientation, customer and sales talks.

Training Session Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian and Hungarian
Other languages upon request