Learning Alliance

Learning Alliance

The Concept behind Our Events

Within the scope of placing trainers for in-house seminars, we have been repeatedly asked by clients whether we also offer open training courses on specific topics – in most cases, because there are not enough participants for an in-house seminar or because there is no capacity for organizing training classes. We are now fulfilling this request while combining it with a special offer: A mix of completely open seminars and in-house seminars.

What is special about this is that we bring trainers together not only with one company, but with several companies in a Learning Alliance. Below, you will find a link to already-existing offers. If you have participants interested in these training sessions, please register them via our online portal. If you have your own topic and an in-house seminar is not suitable for you, please contact us. We will find additional participants from other clients and then conduct the seminar.

We combine the advantages of an open training class with the benefits of an in-house seminar: Participants from different areas or companies can exchange their experiences and thus extend their competencies.

We can make a selected offer for the future viability of companies, employees and managers. In the context of the megatrends Work 4.0, digitization, internationalization and the related changing demands on leadership and cooperation, further training is particularly important and in-demand in the following areas:

  • Leadership in the new world of work
  • Personal development/personal impact/appearance
  • Project management/digitization/IT
  • Internationalization/training classes conducted in English