AUSGEBUCHT | Powerful presentations – Boost your Impact & Influence! | in Hannover | 1,5 Tage mit After-Work-Start

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Date(s) - 15/10/2018 - 16/10/2018

Hotel Hannover


Powerful and well-delivered presentations with a logical argumentation flow – these are your door openers for commercial opportunities and business contacts.

This course equips you with the skills and abilities you need to communicate your products & ideas and to propel people to action.

Target group:

People from all business areas and levels, who are involved in presentations or argumentations in English

Course aims:

The course aims to answer the following questions:

  • What are the key elements in preparation to ensure meeting my partners’ interests & needs exactly?
  • How do I structure my presentation so that my partner will follow easily and grasp their benefits immediately?
  • How can I boost my impact so that the attention level will be on the highest level possible?
  • How can I support my messages most powerfully?


  • Preparing for your success
    • Analyzing and understanding your audience’s specifics needs & interests
    • Defining a key message relevant to win your audience’s interest and to stay with them in the crucial moment
    • Structuring your presentation to lead the audience to your target
    • Using the world of powerful impact techniques to keep the audience’s attention on the level you want
    • Using argumentation techniques to convince by logic: The “F-B-T” & “T-R-F”-formula
  • Influencing by your personality
    • Exploiting your body language to boost your impact and convince by confidence
    • Creating memorable moments by working with your voice and the momentum of “power pauses”
    • Understanding the power of “ground and table anchors” to illustrate scenarios
    • Underlining your unique personality by working and unleashing on “your” individual way of acting
  • Practical case
    • Identifying your areas of expertise and development by working on your current (or past or future) case from the business
  • Winning in critical moments
    • Sharpening your rhetorical skills in identified crucial moments
    • Asking for action by following a final and logical argumentation flow


  • Working on delegates´ individual cases
  • Receiving a personal video analysis & professional feedback from senior trainers
  • Learning from role models in politics, media & economy
  • Developing personal action plans
  • Receiving preparation checklists
  • Learning by trainer input and interactive group discussions
  • Grasping success techniques by continually accelerating the learning curve

Duration:   1,5 Tage

Day 1: After-Work-Start: 16.30Uhr – 19.30 Uhr
Day 2: 09.00 Uhr-16.30 Uhr

Participants: Min.6, Max.8


  • 15.10.-16.10.2018

Venue: Hannover, Hotel will be announced soon.

Costs: 890,-€ net amount plus 19%Tax per participant.

1.059,10€ gross amount per participant.

The following services are included:

  • Two coffee breaks
  • One Lunch at Day 2
  • Detailed course documentation

Trainer: Stefanie Flecke, SIMDUSTRY®

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